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Douglas Martin

Douglas Martin has over 20 years experience as a consultant on social planning, socio-economic, economic development and community impact studies as well as institutional development, policy and program evaluation. He has worked for both private and public sectors in the US, New Zealand, SE. Asia, Africa and throughout Australia. Douglas Martin's CV demonstrates a proven record of working on social planning, policy and program evaluations, private sector participation studies, economic development, social and socio-economic assessment, consultation and planning studies for tourism and resource based industries such as natural resources, mining & quarrying, energy & infrastructure projects as well as urban housing, community services and facilities projects.

Dr Meredith Martin

Dr Meredith Martin is the other director of the Company and has expertise in the delivery of training, social services and community consultation programs in the NSW Department of Ageing and Disability, Community Services, Health & School Education and has extensive experience in community housing for special population groups. She also has specific skills in group facilitation in the area of social services delivery. She has recently completed an assignment for the NSW Institute of Psychiatry which involved running 20 workshops involving personnel from the Department of Community Services & Health on the issue of Dual Diagnosis for Intellectually & Physically Disabled Population.